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Hitachi Sales Malaysia


Made In Japan E Series


  • Gross Capacity : 657L
  • Net Capacity : 615L
  • Made in Japan
  • Vacuum Compartment (Anti Oxidation Fresh Cassette and Photocatalyst)
  • Frost Cycling Cooling Technology (Hybrid Defrost System)
  • Dual Fan Cooling System
  • Invisible Touch Screen
  • Aero-care Vege Compartment
  • VIP - Vacuum Insulation Panel
  • Triple Deodorization Filter
  • Eco Intelligent Control
  • Available Colour :
    Ref-R-D6800M-colour-XK Crystal Black (XK)
    Ref-R-D6800M-colour-XT Crystal Brown (XT)
    Crystal White Crystal White (XW)
  • Dimensions
    Width : 750mm
    Height : 1818mm
    Depth : 738mm

Warranty and Features


Key Features

Vacuum Compartment

Vacuum Compartment

Approx. 0.8atm of Vacuum Preservation, unique Photocatalyst and Antioxidation Fresh Cassette keep chilled meat, fish and dairy products and nutritious.

Aero-care Vege (vegetable) Zone

Aero-Care Vege (vegetable zone)

In the Aero-care Vege Zone, Photocatalyst and LED light produces an optimal environment that will maintain the freshness and nutrients of vegetables.

Advanced Frost Recycling Cooling with Hybrid Defrost

Advanced Frost Recycling

Chilled air generated by the frost is recycled to cool the compartments, even when the compressor is not running, and the two heaters help speed up the defrosting process.

Touch Screen Controller

Touch Screen Controller 01

Touch Screen Controller

Touch the MENU button and the control panel display appears on the flat glass surface of the door, so you can control your settings without having to open the door.