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Hitachi Sales Malaysia


Made in Japan


  • Capacity : 33L
  • LCD Touch Panel
  • Auto Bakery
  • Steam-Grill
  • Superheated Steam
  • Triple Weight Sensor & Temp Sensor
  • Heating Methods:Microwave, Oven, Steam;
  • 200 Auto Mode
  • 232 recipes
  • 2 level cooking
  • Installation: Back, left and right sides free. Top 10cm.
  • Available Colour :
    microwave-MRO-AV200E-colour Pearl Red
  • Dimensions
    Width : 500mm
    Height : 418mm
    Depth : 459mm

Warranty and Features


Key Features

Auto Bakery

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Baking made easy with the Convection Oven function, producing rich flavor and soft fluffy breads.


Steam Grill

Hitachi's unique Steam-grill function found on the Auto Menu uses a grill tray and steam lid to cook food.

Triple Weight Sensor

Triple Weight Sensor

The Triple Weight Sensor uses a three-point measuring system to weigh the food and automatically detects the optimum temperature and cooking time. The Sensor also detects the food's position, allowing precise focusing of microwaves for more efficient reheating.

Superheated Steam

Superheated Steam

Choose the healthier option with Superheated Steam mode, using over 100⁰C of steam inside the oven heater to reduce fat and salt content in food.

LCD Touch Menu

LCD Touch Screen

Convenient Auto Menu for easy recipes and simple to use both automatically and manually.