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Premium Inverter (Scene Camera Series) 1.0HP


Scene Camera Ceiling
(Image Camera + Thermo Camera)


Scene Camera Ceiling monitors both human and room conditions to auto-select the best cooling solution to reach an even room temperature faster.

Ceiling Heat from Sun: 40°C, Wall Temp: 28°C, Sunlight Heat: 38°C

Thermal Camera

Heat Distribution Monitoring

Thermal Camera monitors room heat distribution to smartly reduce heat at the source.

Actual Thermal Distribution in Thailand

Image Camera

Human Activity & Location Monitoring

Detects human activity level and location of each person to smartly control set temperature and air flow direction depending on the scene.

Location, Activity Level, Number of People


Air Sleep Ceiling

Air Sleep Ceiling

Scene Camera Ceiling checks the room and human condition to auto adjust to the best control for good sleep.

Ideal Air Flow Control

Ceiling Flow

When ceiling heat is detected, the ceiling is targeted for cooling. At the same time, airflow circulates the room to softly wrap you with chilly air for fast, even cooling.

Actual Bedroom Thermal Distribution in Thailand

Ceiling Flow Thermal Simulation

Ceiling Flow

No.1: Room is cooled, but the ceiling kept hot.

No.2~4: Air is sent upward and cools the ceiling, as well as the room temperature.

*Tested in Hitachi Testing Room.

Human Targeted Flow

Scene Camera Ceiling checks your activity level and temperature distribution in the room to smartly adjust air direction to suite each person’s sleeping condition.

Controls room temperature with the Air Sleep Mode for a good sleep.

When a person is uncomfortably rolling over and the temperature is high, cool air is automatically delivered for a certain time to provide comfortable cooling.

Ideal Temperature Control & Silence

Sleep Inducing Temperature Control, Super Silent 19dB*1

*1Minimum operating noise of 1.0HP and 1.5HP Air Sleep, Air Sleep Ceiling Inverter models.

Temperature and fan speed are auto adjusted depending on your sleep condition. Average sleep disruption time has been proven to decrease.

Average Arousal Time During Sleep

Sleep Efficiency Improved*2

*2Based on sleep field experiment conducted with Japanese National Institute.


Welcome Breeze

Welcome Breeze

Extra cool wind welcomes you when coming home on a hot day. After you have cooled down, it will auto shift to Heat Source Cooling operation depending on the room heat distribution.

Detects Human Location

At Start UpWelcome Target Flow

Air Flow Target Blown to People

Instant Chill with Extra Cold Air

Powerful Start Up with Max. Fan Speed

After 15 minHeat Source Cooling

Top Floor Room with Heated Ceiling

Cooling focused on hot ceiling by up and down swing with longer air blow targeting ceiling to cool it down.

Blow Longer Time, Blow Shorter Time

High Heat Load on the Ceiling

Sunny Day with Curtains Open

Cooling focused on hot window by left and right swing with longer air blow targeting window to cool it down.

Blow Longer Time, Blow Shorter Time

High Heat Load from the Window

When Room is Evenly Cooled

Surrounding flow to avoid over cooling.

Even Temperature Distribution


Eco Mode

Eco Mode

Scene Camera Ceiling detects energy wasting and smartly cools with minimum energy for just the right level of comfort in various scenes.

When 3 People are Together

Comfort, Comfort Cooling

When Only 1 Person Remains in the Room

Energy Saving, Soft Cooling

When No One is in the Room

Auto Save, Energy Saving, Soft Cooling

10 min of absence

Auto Off, Energy Saving, Stop

1h of absence

Auto On, Comfort, On

When people come back

  • If you leave the air conditioner operating when you are not at home, please cancel the Auto Off setting. Do not use the Auto Off setting in rooms occupied by people who cannot operate the air conditioner themselves such as infants, children, the elderly and individuals who are ill or physically impaired.




A combination of the Vector DC Inverter and Scene Camera Ceiling can cut energy consumption by up to 62%* compared to non-inverter models! So you can stay comfortable all day, and save energy at the same time.

Non-Inverter Normal Cooling, VECTOR DC INVERTER Eco Mode, Energy Saving 62%*

Inverter Energy Consumption

Non-Inverter Energy Consumption

Vector DC Inverter smartly operates with maximum power at start-up, then auto-shift to minimum stable operation to maintain room temperature at a comfortable level.

*Hitachi 1.5HP Scene Camera Ceiling Model (Eco Mode) compared with a 1.5HP non-inverter model (Cooling Mode).

Stainless Clean System

STAINLESS CLEAN System Hitachi Original

Antibacterial stainless steel and silver ions are applied inside to keep the air pathways extra hygienic for fresh, healthy, clean air.

Stainless Air Duct, Stainless Louvre, Silver Ion Fan, Nano Titanium Stainless Pre-Filter

Antibacterial Sanitizing*1

310,000 bacteria, After 24 hours, Non Stainless 650,000(Increased), Stainless 10 Left(Decreased)

Dust Cut*2

Dust Accumulation Comparison

*1Tested by Boken Quality Evaluation Institute. Test No. 20214009288-1, 10218327,022580-1. Test Method Based on JIS Z 2801 Quantitative Test.

*2Tested by the Hitachi Environmental Test Laboratory.

Nano Titanium Wasabi
Air Purifying Filter

Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter

The filter is packed with a hybrid coating of Nano Titanium and wasabi solution to realize a powerful air purification effect.

Nano Titanium Stainless Pre-Filter, Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter


99%*1 Antibacterial

95%*2 Anti-Allergen

82%*3 Odor Removal

98%*3 Violate Organic Compounds Suppression

Mold Suppression*3

Tested by: *1 University Putra Malaysia *2 International Medical University Malaysia *3 Nanopac Testing Lab.

UV Fresh

UV Fresh

Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter, UV-LED

UV-LED light emits shortwave UV onto the filters to deactivate 99%* bacteria trapped.

*Tested by Japan Food Research Laboratories. Approval No.203061804-001.

  • Images are for illustrative purposes only.


Energy Star Rating (Meps Label)
Meps Label (star) : ★★★★★
SIRIM REFERENCE : 17.13 Btu/hr.W (SIRIM #2016EEA1197 )
Power Consumption / year : 1267 kWh / yr
Power Source
Capacity : 2.85 (0.90-3.50)kW
Capacity : 9,730 (3,070-12,000)BTU/h
Power Input : 648 (210-1,190)W
Total Amperes : 3.40-3.25A
EER : 15Btu/h.W
COP : 4.4
Indoor Air Flow Volume : 12.0/11.0/9.5/7.5/4.5 (HH/H/M/L/Si)m3/min
Sound Pressure Level Indoor : 44/42/37/32/19(19) (HH/H/M/L/Si(Ss))dBA
Sound Pressure Level Outdoor : 50dBA
Dehumidifying Capacity
Starting Current
Net Weight
Indoor : 10kg
Outdoor : 32kg
Net Dimensions (W x H x D)
Indoor : 790x300x280mm
Outdoor : 750x570x280mm
Diameter (Liquid/Gas) : 6.35/9.52mm
Maximum Length/ Height : 20/10m
Power Supply from
Scene Camera / Scene Camera Ceiling*
Air Sleep Sensor
Air Sleep Mode
Eco Mode
Air Sleep + Eco Mode
Auto Off Mode
Auto On Mode
Smart Swing
Direct Swing
Indirect Swing
Welcome Breeze (New Features)
Refresh Mode (New Features)
Save Mode
Stainless Clean
UV Fresh
Nano Titanium Stainless Pre-Filter
Nano Titanium WASABI Air Purifying Filter
Washable Front Panel
Powerful Mode
Super Silent 19dB
Silent Mode
Fuzzy Logic Control
Sensor Dry Operation
Up-Down Auto Swing
Left-Right Auto Swing
Fan Speed : 4 Grades
Seamless Fan Speed Control
Easy-to-use Remote Controller
12-hr Timer
Vector DC Inverter
DC Power System
Auto Restart
Fireproof Electrical Enclosure
Green Fin Anti-Corrosion
Anti-Rust Outdoor Casing
3-Minute Delay Circuit (Fuse Blow Prevention)
Changeable Drain Hose