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Hitachi Sales Malaysia

Hitachi will breathe new life into the next era as symbolized by our corporate statement "Inspire the Next" and will contribute to achieving a comfortable and abundant society as a "Best Solutions Partner".

"Inspire the Next" means "to breathe new life into the coming age". Numerous words come to mind that could follow "the Next", including "age", "society", "system", or "solution", communicating Hitachi's intention to innovative, under pinned by the three pillars of our Brand Platform.

Brand Vision

To create richer lives and a better society by providing products, systems and services with a new level of value and potential based on the latest advances in technology, especially knowledge and information technology.

Brand Mission

To identify the real needs of society and our customers and to set and achieve goals that surpass those needs. We develop and apply new technology without being bound by traditional thinking. We focus our efforts on the fields of communications & services. We are willing to venture into new business areas.

As good corporate citizen, our goal is the harmonious coexistence of environmental preservation and economic growth.

Brand Value

The value we intend to faster and build upon is that of a company trusted by customers & society, a company fully responsible for its actions. We offer a wide range of complex systems using our knowledge and technologies to meet specific needs. Our goal is to offer the most complete systems solution that will work over the long term for society as a whole.

Hitachi's brand platform integrates these principles in an easily understood and concisely worded statement. "Inspire the Next" is a brief sentence expressing the value promised by the Hitachi brand. This will become the driving force, the source of trust, and the wellspring of action for all those working for Hitachi. Externally, it serves to communicate Hitachi's determination and devotion to reform.

Hitachi intends to be the catalyst for a changing society. As society changes, so will Hitachi. that is expressed in this single phrase. It may perplex some readers that "Next" is used as noun, a choice that was made to keep the statement concise. However, the statement embodies Hitachi's strong desire to be the driving force behind the transformation of many aspects of the future.